Moving to Colorado!

Holy crap! We’re finally doing it….we’re moving to Colorado!

This has been a dream of ours since we first visited in 2016 and explored the Rocky Mountain National Park, so it is not as bittersweet as you may think.

There are so many places that we will miss, so I thought it would be cool to create a short post so we can remember our favorite places!



This has recently become my favorite place to eat! They have a ton of awesome food and drinks, and its always fun to watch Josey try to be fancy with her mimosa!




They have a ton of crepes and sweet stuff on the menu…

Rooster menu 2 .jpg

but I saw the s’mores crepes and couldn’t say no!


If you like crepes, good food, and kick-ass drinks, I can tell you that this place is THE SHIT, so check it out!

Cuivre River State Park-Missouri.


This place is probably the biggest reason that I am so in love with nature and the outdoors. I have so many memories of swimming in the creeks, fishing, hiking the trails, and searching for arrowheads in this park.

My favorite place in the park is Frenchman’s Bluff, hands-down.


This is a very popular place for senior pictures or engagement photos for obvious reasons! The views are beautiful and even better in the fall.


I would spend hours and hours as a kid walking through creeks like this one….


…to find arrowheads like these.


This park is really beautiful and is worth spending some time in. Lake Lincoln is a really nice lake to fish for bass and channel/blue catfish and I have spent so many nights fishing there until the sun came up.

Upper Limits Climbing Gym


We’ll miss this gym SO MUCH!

We’ve climbed at the Bloomington, Maryland Heights, and Chesterfield (this one) locations. We love all of them and if you’re stuck on a problem, the people there are more than happy to figure it out with you or give you some beta.

The coolest things about the Chesterfield location is the campus area and the peg board. They have rings and a new TRX strap setup too, which is a pretty effective training tool.



The bouldering problems are SUPER challenging and they change them every couple weeks, so they are definitely never boring.

upper limits


The cave is a really great area to work on your endurance, which I tend to slack on!



We Made It!


After about 12 hours of driving in a 16ft U-Haul truck, we finally made it.

We had to drive through a horrible storm with baseball sized hail and crazy strong winds. They were actually so strong that we had to get out and help a man in a semi truck that was blown off the road and tipped on its side.

We survived the storm and we before we even got fully moved in the next day, we went to hike the Lake Haiyaha trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park.



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