Hiking to Lake Haiyaha: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Whether climbing is your thing, or you just like a good hike, the trail to Lake Haiyaha is one of my favorite easy trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll pass Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, and Dream Lake on the way to Lake Haiyaha, which all have some phenomenal views.

Some of my best advice is to LEAVE EARLY and as always, pack light. This trail starts at the Bear Lake trailhead, and parking is pretty limited. If you don’t make it before the parking lot is full, you can just take a shuttle ride to the trailhead.

Here are some photos we took along the way!




Once we got to Lake Haiyaha, we decided to search the boulder field (Lower Chaos Canyon) for a classic V5 bouldering problem called Autobot. It took a while and after we climbed some unknown boulders on our search, we finally found it. Here are some shots of one of the problems that we couldn’t find the name or grade for.







Once we finally found Autobot, I realized why so many people hike all the way up here to climb it. The view is amazing once you top-out and the line itself is really unique. For the standard V5 start, you begin on the big square piece and for the V8 start, you being all the way at the bottom of the “cave.”


These are some shots of the standard V5 start. For me, the crux was at the very beginning and once you get to the big jug, its quite easy the rest of the way.







The Lower Chaos Canyon is pretty awesome and we could spend a couple weeks trying to cover every problem there, so as always, we’ll be back to climb more soon. Here are some more shots we took on the way down and as we left the park.






This trail is easy to moderate and is pretty accessible for almost everyone, so check it out!

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