Roxborough State Park: Littleton, Colorado

We bought this book a while back and happened to find Roxborough State Park in Littleton, Colorado in it, so we checked out a couple of the short trails in the park.

nat geo book

The Red Sandstone rock formations hold more than 1.2 billion years of geologic history and is super interesting to contemplate its origins. Its also a shame that rock climbing isn’t allowed, because Josey and I would go nuts.

Once these rocks were formed, tectonic activity turned them over on their sides and weathering of the sediments around them made the structures even more prominent.

They don’t allow pets, camping, biking, or rock climbing within the park. There is also a $7.00 daily entrance fee, but it is well worth it!

I started on the Willow Creek Loop which is only about 1.4 miles, but the views are breathtaking.






These signs are seen throughout the park, and although I think it makes no sense to leave the trail and take shortcuts between switchbacks, people still do. Avoid the temptation and keep the park as pristine and natural as possible!


Josey and I started on the 2.2 mile Fountain Valley trail, but it started storming and raining a bit, so we left and plan to come back to finish it. We saw TONS of bear poop, so hopefully when we do, we see a bear on the trail.




There is a pretty wide variety of animal activity here too. We saw quite a few mule deer, and were hoping to get some views of a black bear from a safe distance, but had no luck.



This is the visitor center that we were too late to go inside and check out, but we liked the Kokopelli art outside of it.


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