Moving to Colorado!

Holy crap! We're finally doing it....we're moving to Colorado! This has been a dream of ours since we first visited in 2016 and explored the Rocky Mountain National Park, so it is not as bittersweet as you may think. There are so many places that we will miss, so I thought it would be cool... Continue Reading →

Yellowstone National Park: Wyoming

One of my favorite trips EVER! We had so much planned for Yellowstone, but only ended up doing a little bit of it. We spent the day around the park checking out the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring (pictured above) on the way to Fairy Falls (pictured below). We also got back to the main area... Continue Reading →

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch-Arkansas

This place is a rock climber's dream made reality! There are a ton of well-maintained and thoroughly protected sandstone walls and boulders on the property and their difficulty levels range from 5.5 to 5.14. There are also over 400 bouldering problems and  about 400 sport routes, as well as a decent amount of trad and... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit About Recycling

I know when most people come across someone who is passionate about recycling or the environment, their initial thoughts are something along the lines of, "Oh yeah hippie, go ahead and recycle, you're not going to make a difference." or, "Get over yourself, you're not better than me because you recycle." I can assure you... Continue Reading →

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